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Total economy.
Total security!

Total entry control.

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Less is more.
More flexibility.
More features.
More economy.
Less equipment.
Less wiring.
Less installation time.
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1-click control and management from your
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Ideal for businesses, apartment buildings entrances and Airbnb.

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Welcome to the world of ENTRIS!

A world where technology meets total security and economy in order to offer you a new, revolutionary and easy way to manage entry to any area, like never before.


The ENTRIS platform from ECOSYS creates a real revolution by bringing home security literally in your hand (door in-hand) and allowing safe control from your smartphone.

How does it work

ENTRIS is a revolutionary, cloud-based, next-generation access control system. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, it provides the user with many different features, all available through his smartphone.

Offices - Company Entrances

With ENTRIS you have complete control of your office or business. You see in real time the entry/exit time of persons who have access and check if there is activity on non-working hours and days.

Accommodation sharing - Airbnb

How many hands do door keys change? The ENTRIS system is here to help you overcome any issues with your Airbnb accommodation, upgrading at the same time the property you are offering!

ENTRIS is the future in building entry control. It is here to replace the older, cumbersome, expensive and bulky systems, while offering a number of features and functions that make the difference:

  • ENTRIS is the most economical cloud based access control system on the market.
  • ENTRIS has minimal installation requirements and can be easily fitted to any door.
  • With ENTRIS you are safe, even in the event of a power failure, thanks to the built-in UPS.
  • With the ENTRIS app you can easily control your door via your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.
  • You have complete report on your smartphone about the exact hours of entry and exit in your area.
  • You can give temporary access to your property for a time period, that you, yourself can set.
  • ENTRIS alerts you in real time about the status of the door, even if someone is trying to get into your property.
  • Does not require additional infrastructure because it has built-in Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G.

The ENTRIS platform is ideal for tourist accommodation, short-term Airbnb leases as well as entrances of buildings, offices and apartment buildings. By installing ENTRIS at the main entrance of an apartment building, your office or your apartment, you are entering a new era of security and technology, while at the same time the value of your property is being upgraded multiple times.


Finally, as ENTRIS can work alongside your old metal keys, you are given the opportunity to test, without necessarily having full consent from the tenants/ owners of the apartment building. What is certain to happen? That all the persons who experience ENTRIS and realize how easy, practical and safe it is, will never go back to their old keys!