Airbnb has changed the way many of us use our homes. Especially financially, Airbnb can become a source of considerable income for a household.

However, as the case is with any technological evolution, problems with Airbnb have arisen. How many hands have the apartment building keys changed? Is count just lost after a point? Is there a point where control is lost and security issues are created?

The ENTRIS system is here to help you overcome any issues with your Airbnb accommodation while upgrading your service!

Advantages of ENTRIS for Airbnb

  • You can send, remotely, to each new customer the code that will be valid for the days they will be staying at your property.
  • When the customer’s stay is over, you can cancel the password. The customer can never enter your property again.
  • You send a new code to your next customer, always remotely.
  • You can monitor your customer’s behavior (entry/exit times, etc.) thus addressing any neighbor comments about noise, etc.
  • If you have ENTRIS installed both at the entrance of the apartment building and in your apartment, you do not even have to see the customer to give him a “key for downstairs”. You save time!
  • You can amortize the (one way or another low) cost of installing the ENTRIS system by promoting it as a quality asset for your accommodation and adjusting your prices accordingly.