Nowadays, especially for apartment owners and tenants, security is the No 1 need. ENTRIS covers all the safety gaps of old (and newer) apartment buildings in a very cost-effective and efficient way.

An apartment building where the “first barrier”, the entrance to the building, is protected by the latest technology discourages unwanted visitors and offers peace of mind to all residents.

Advantages of ENTRIS for the apartment building
  • There is no longer need for keys which can be lost, stolen or violated. Tenants and owners each have their own entry card (in a very small size that fits comfortably in a keypad).
  • Provides automatic locking of the central entrance in the most secure and economical way.
  • There is entry/exit report, if desired.
  • The building manager can operate the apartment building door remotely, opening it to cleaning crews, technicians etc.
  • The aesthetic intervention in the apartment building is negligible, due to the small size of the system.
  • Decreases wear and tear on door components (lock, cartridge, etc.) as ENTRIS is a smart control device that minimizes errors while saving energy.