ENTRIS is a revolutionary, cloud-based, next-generation access control system. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, it provides the user with many different features, all available through his smartphone. Its main attributes are its small size, economy and flexibility in connecting to the Internet.

The following diagram illustrates the system architecture with the individual peripherals:

The ENTRIS system consists of:

  • A card reader with a keyboard.
    It is installed on the outside of the apartment building entrance, the Airbnb property, or any other area we wish to control access to. On the inside, it is possible to place an exit button or a second card reader in case we wish to also control the exit.
  • A controller.
    It is the “heart” of the system. As its name implies, the controller has two different control circuits, one for the electric strike and one for controlling the electric lock. It works with any electric lock on the market, it is small in size and can be easily embedded in the side of the door or even inside it. The controller has a built-in UPS with lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries and all it needs is a 220V outlet to power it. It is worth noting that the ENTRIS controller is also a gateway. Therefore, it needs no device to connect to the cloud, nor of course IT facilities and infrastructures.
  • A mobile application.
    An extremely user-friendly application allows for a series of advanced technological functions that until recently were impossible without the help of a specialized technician. Thanks to them, the system user can know the exact time of entry and exit of visitors, give limited time access to visitors (i.e. in the next minute), know in real time the status of the door (open – closed, locked – unlock), receive alerts when unauthorized access is attempted and change passwords whenever desired.
User rights and access identifiers
  • Typing codes, cards or keyfobs
    Users can use keypads, cards, keyfobs and OTP (One Time Passcode) codes to access the area. Depending on the requirements of each user for security and ease of access, any of the above methods can be used. The cards are small in size and can fit anywhere and keyfobs easily fit into the keypad.
  • Google Authenticator

    ENTRIS offers total security thanks to Google Authenticator. By using Google’s algorithm, we can allow access to approved by us users who type in the one-time codes generated through the Authenticator application.