With ENTRIS you have total control of your office or business. You see in real time the exact moment of people entering and leaving, and you can check for activity during non-business hours and days.

You also have the ability to record from anywhere the time of entry and exit of your visitors and give access to third parties (i.e. cleaning and maintenance services).

In addition, ENTRIS can be used in combination with the existing lock and secure entry with an electric lock as well, thus making the door inviolable! Even a malicious person with a key copy will only come in if you allow it.

ENTRIS is also ideal for controlling access to remote installations such as warehouses, construction sites, power plants, pumping stations, etc.

With ENTRIS you have complete control over the facility’s access, giving temporary access to engineers, technicians, maintainers etc, with registering entry and exit in real-time as well as recording history.

In addition, security alerts are provided regarding entry status, power supply status etc.