Entry Access Control
ENTRIS enables us to fully control a door regarding both access and security.

System control and management via mobile application and web interface
With the smart phone application and through any browser, we can easily and safely manage users who have access, as well as the system settings.

Mobile app security alerts
Real-time security alerts on door status (open – closed, locked – unlocked) for attempted breaches, even in the event of a power failure.

Easy access sharing between users
We can easily give access, wherever we are, to third parties by sending them a one-time or temporary code to enter the area.

Centralized management of multiple & remote areas
ENTRIS offers the ability to control multiple areas in one application, regardless of their physical location.
For example, if we manage multiple building entrances or multiple Airbnb properties that are scattered around the world, we can integrate all of these entrances and control them through the management platform as if they were one property.

With Entris, we can create a “virtual hotel” with our scattered properties, providing control and access services similar to modern hotel units.

The Entris platform is offered both as a product purchase and as a service (ACaaS – Access Control as a Service), with no initial purchase cost and only a monthly subscription.

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