Access control technology is not new. However, for many decades, available applications were limited to office spaces, large companies, government facilities and generally to organizations with an urgent need for security. At the same time, the size of the entry systems was particularly large, and Internet was not existent in its current form. Furthermore, the cost of all of those systems was, and still remains, prohibitive for small installations or home usage.

ENTRIS is a cost-effective, cloud-based access control system that allows us to safely manage our access from our smartphone. ENTRIS is making a real breakthrough as it brings the security of our home literally into our hand (door in-hand)!

Main features of ENTRIS

Economy By reducing the size of the access system and integrating most features into one device, the cost of installation is greatly reduced. In addition, as ENTRIS software is hosted in the cloud, it does not require maintenance, upgrading and IT infrastructure, reducing costs even more. ENTRIS can be installed in small offices, apartment buildings or your Airbnb property. Internet ENTRIS connects to the Internet in all possible ways (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G) without additional equipment. This enables installation in places where there is no Internet connection or infrastructure, such as at the central entrance of an apartment building. Size Who would want the partial or total destruction of an apartment building entrance door in order to install 30 cm long systems which look like small suitcases? ENTRIS is a pioneer here too, as its small size (10 cm x 12 cm x 3 cm) allows the system to be mounted perpendicular to the wall, inside the door, or next to it, without unsightly interventions in the area

ENTRIS is designed to work with most card readers in the market and is compatible with almost all electric locks. This allows us to upgrade an existing system.

ENTRIS, as a new generation cloud based system, offers, through the app provided with its installation, control services you could never imagine! Let’s discover them:

  • Additional security since the door will be locked with an electric lock as well, making a breach almost impossible.
  • Real-time information about who enters and exits your place with full report.
  • Ability to send passwords (and also cancel them) to someone to access your area. This is especially important for Airbnb as it gives additional security for your property by ending the constant hands change of metal keys. Furthermore, it also saves you time when your Airbnb property is away as you no longer have to physically contact your guests to give them keys.
  • Security alerts on your smartphone, in cases where someone without access has attempted to enter your property or if the door has been breached.